Calc 3. Mathematical Functions

LOG(Number; Base) Function

Calculates the logarithm of the argument “Number” in the base specified by the second argument. The function returns a real number, positive or negative. The argument “Number” has a positive numeric value indicates the number you want to calculate the logarithm. The argument “Base” is optional, contains a positive numeric value or a reference to a cell that contains a positive number. Specifies the basis for calculating the logarithm. If you omit the argument “Base”, the function calculates the logarithm base 10. For example:

=LOG(5;10) Returns 0,699. Is the logarithm base 10 of 5.
=LOG(5) Returns 0,699. Also calculates the logarithm base 10 of 5.
=LOG(8;3) devuelve 1,893. Is the logarithm base 3 of 8.


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